Writer and Director: Kamen Kalev

Producer: Stefan Piryov

Waterfront Film

“Eastern Plays” is a drama that skips between multiple storylines and follows the lives of two young men in their struggle towards self-realization. Their destinies intertwine upon a brutal accident, which takes place in Sofia, Bulgaria.

George is 17 years old and in constant conflict with his parents. In his attempt to look more manly, he joins a skinhead gang. He hasn't seen his older brother Itzo for a while.

Itzo is 38, and a sculptor by trade. He is a drug addict who's undergoing methadone treatment. The heroin dependency has driven him to despair and he resorts to alcohol. Itzo's girl friend, Niki, is a student majoring in acting. Young and naïve, she's fallen for Itzo, and cannot imagine her life without, in her eyes, “the ultimate artist”.

Izil is in her late 20's, a Turkish girl from Istanbul. Izil and her parents are on their way to Berlin to visit her brother. After a long drive through Bulgaria, the family decides to take a break and spend the night in Sofia. The night turns into a nightmare. The family becomes the victim of the skinheads’ attack in which George is also involved. Bu chance, Itzo witnesses the attack, and in an attempt to defend the Turkish family, he suffers a severe beating himself.

It was so inspiring to work with Kamen and Stefan in my studio in Stockholm.

Two truly fantastic guys.

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Eastern Plays

22nd Tokyo International Film Festival Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix goes to "Eastern Plays"

Best Film

Best Director

Best Actor

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