A political drama with a lovestory.

Director Kathrine Windfeld

Producer Morten Kaufmann

Composer: Jean-Paul Wall

Starring Iben Hjejle and Lars Mikkelsen.

Danish journalist Rikke Lyngvig is taken hostage in Afghanistan by a terror group that threatens to kill her. However with help from the young Afghan Nazir, Rikke successfully flees and saves her life. She returns to a nation in chaos and is rapidly declared the Danish Jessica Lynch and from there her career is launched into the spotlight.

“Flugten” opens 9 januari 2009

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Happy faces at the premiere. Pictures by:

Hasse Ferrold

Champagne, music and fun in Copenhagen.

Jean-Paul has given a great deal of thought to his compositions for this film. He sees the music for “Flygtningen” as three journeys: a physical, a practical and an esthetic.

Jean-Paul was present in Turkey when scenes were filmed in the small village of Ceylanpilar, in Kurdistan, on the border with Syria. Being there was a source of inspiration for his music.  “I met refugees from Afghanistan and Syria as well as kurds. Wonderful people. I played music with several of them and recorded a few of our gigs.


“Traveling to Kurdistan to film many of the scenes and to Istanbul for inspiration for the music to  be produced in Stockholm was a special physical journey. We spent so much effort making this a high-quality film in the hope that it will in the end receive attention at the European film festivals”,

says Jean-Paul.


Jean-Paul also explained that it has been another type of practical journey to write music based on what was originally a Danish book and then a Danish film manuscript, then to film in Stockholm and Istanbul, then to put the music to the scenes of the film itself in Copenhagen, and finally to market it at film festivals throughout Europe.  It’s also been an ethical journey, says Jean Paul:  the film takes up important questions such as how much a person is willing to put on the line to help someone else, which in turn raises questions concerning the right to asylum, etc.

The author Olav Hergel and Iben Hjejle

Pictures by: Thomas Borberg

An Afghan man in Ceylanpilar Pictures by: Me.

1st prize at The 6th edition of the Baltic Debuts Film Festival July 26th 2009.

Danish Robert Awards.

Jean-Paul is nominated for this years best score. ”Flugten” (The Escape)

Seattle International Film Festival