Selam Cultural Forum II

Thursday 10 May, 13:00
Ghion Hotel, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

”The correlation between music, copyright and democracy.”

I write music to support stories and messages. I write music

from my heart because music is what feelings sound like.

A great deal of the funding for my work comes from my

collecting societies. Stim an NCB. Stim and NCB protect my

legal rights and doing so they protect my voice, my freedom of

speech and ultimately democracy. The more people I touch, the

stronger my voice will sound. People in my part of the world

take these fundamental rules so for granted that they never

even think of the correlation between a functioning collecting

system and democracy.

This system has enabled me to work with music supporting

stories and dealing with subjects such as politics, feminism,

existential issues, family problems, drug abuse and so on. I

believe it is a system your beautiful country and rich culture

would benefit from.

Music is the one universal language I know. It travels like no

other art form. One good song can touch people anywhere.

Abebe Balcha Korcho. The Swedish journalists lawyer, an amazing actor and person.

Maurice Mwande Okoth - Kenya.

Talkt us thru the experiences of upholding the copyright laws in Kenya with inspiring enthusiasm.

Party at the Swedish Embassy held by our host the charming Jens Odlander.

Girma Yifrashewa. An amazing pianist who played for us that evening.

The cool director Zelalem Woldemariam "11 hour"

from Zeleman Production.

Ethiopia is in my heart forever.

Pontus Wennerberg and me at

The Selam Cultural Forum.